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There has always been a need for communication across language barriers

One of the first known words for translator is eme-bal, which literally means language-turner. It was used in Mesopotamia 2 500 years BC. In today's global world this need is even greater. That is why we want to create a synthesis which combines the traditional craft of translation with modern technology. Translation tools, so called CAT programs, are standard nowadays. They can be combined with machine translation that is edited by a translator to reduce costs and save time.


We are a family-run company with more than 25 years of experienced of the translation industry and a special focus on Scandinavian languages. We have a global network of professional linguists and collaboration partners. We believe in close collaboration with the customer to reduce delays due ambiguities and queries. By keeping everyone updated. the job will be done on time and with the best result.


We can offer prices to suit most budgets and purposes by combining translation with and without CAT tools and machine translation with other services such as editing, proof-reading and DTP.

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All translations are carried out by professional translators who have the target language as their mother-tongue, the translated text can then be edited and proof-read.

We can offer ISO certified and sworn translations of legal documents through our collaboration partners.

Localisation is a form of translation which also includes adaptation of the text, not just a translation of the words, to a different cultural context. Think dates, sayings, images etc.

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Transcreation is a freer form of translation which is mainly used for advertising and marketing material.

The translator can deviate from the source text when needed, as long as the end result conveys the same meaning and evokes the same emotions as the original. Graphics and other visual materials should also be considered during transcreation since everything has to work together.

We can also provide multi-lingual copywriting and search engine optimization for marketing purposes.

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We can help you refine your translation procedures. We can review, evaluate and classify your text material and previous translations in order to create translation memories that can help reduce the costs of future translations.

We can also compile glossaries of commonly used or specialised terms and expressions that are used in your industry or your company. The approved glossaries can then be translated and used to maintain a consequent terminology in future projects.